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Wood Screen Doors


Screen Door Size:

32" x 80"
Window Screen Pros offers this 32" wide Traditional Wood Screen Door. Made of durable pine wood construction, our...
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Screen Door Size:

32" x 80"
Window Screen Pros offers this 32" wide PetGuard Wood Screen Door. Made of durable pine wood construction, our wood...

Wood Screen 5 Bar CloseupWindow Screen Pros offers two wood screen door styles. Made of durable pine wood construction, our wood screen doors are very unique as the design allows you to easily remove the screen to paint or stain the door. All wood screen doors ship unfinished without the hardware installed. Available in 32" and 36" widths, all wood screen doors are 80" high. The wood doors can be trimmed up to 3/8 of an inch on both the left and right side of the door and up to one inch on the top and bottom using a standard circular saw.

PetGuard Wood Screen Door

Made with 3" stiles and rails for durability, our PetGuard screen door comes with a removable heavy duty 22 gauge steel mesh for maximum pet claw protection. Also, you can easily remove the 18-16 Charcoal Fiberglass screen mesh by removing approximately 16 screws. By removing both the pet steel mesh and charcoal fiberglass screen, you will be able to paint or stain your wood screen door easily. Available in 32" and 36" widths x 80" high.

5-Bar Wood Screen Door

Our classic 5-bar wood screen door is made with durable construction. The screen is easy to remove for both painting or staining. The 5-bar wood design offers both optimum ventilation with premium protection. The 18-16 Charcoal Fiberglass screen mesh will also keep most insects out including mosquitoes.

Prepping your Wood Screen Door

All wood screen doors are shipped unfinished and must be sealed. This will help protect the screen door against the weather and extends the longevity of the pine wood. If you decide NOT to paint the door, you still need to coat it with a clear sealer before installing that can be purchased at any big box DIY retailer. Before sealing, priming, or painting your wood screen door, remove the screen by unscrewing the 16 screws on the backside of the door. The screen as well as the railing holding it together with stay connected once you lift the screen from the wood frame. The removable screen feature makes this step fast and easy. If you decide to paint your wood door, we highly recommend using a primer first and wait a few hours for it to dry before proceeding to your final paint color. We recommend sanding the primed door with 100 grit sandpaper before applying your first coat. Depending on the color of paint, most likely you will need two coats. Once paint is dry for a full 12 hours, turn over your screen door and replace the screen with the 16 screws. You last step is to install the hardware that is included. Two self-closing hinges along with a door knob and inside handle.