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Window Screen Pros offers do-it-yourself COMPLETE WINDOW SCREEN KITS for screens from 30" x 30" up to 36" x 72"....
Our Screen Mesh/Wire Sample Pack is ideal for DIY individuals that are unsure of the color they would like for there...
Custom Fiberglass Window Screen, Frame Color: Tan, Screen Material: Charcoal Fiberglass
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We offer re-screening as a service to your existing screen. Your screens must be workable and must not have excessive corrosive residue. Customer is responsible for providing the existing screen. Any changes from the materials used on the existing screens will be communicated with the customer prior to the work beginning. If our staff determines the existing screen is beyond repair - we will contact you with quote to rebuild from scratch or to discuss other options.

Window Screen Pros wants to make sure the screen type you choose is exactly what you want. You will receive...

We strongly recommend ordering screen samples if you are unsure which screen material would be best for your application. With so many different devices in use today, it is very difficult to control the colorization of our screening material for each device. Ultimately, there is no comparison to holding a physical sample in-hand to review befre making your purchase. All screen mesh samples will measure approximately 4" x 4" square. All of the screen mesh Window Screen Pros carries are great for window screens, sliding screen doors, or even screened in porch windows or planks.

Our sample kits will include a sample of all the raw materials used in making a custom window screen: screen mesh (several types), metal frame colors, corner connector sample, and spline. Our sample kits are for the DIY residential buyer that have a large replacement project. It is a good idea to review the materials before multiple screens are purchased and custom made so all expectations are met before going into production.