Replacement Window Screens. Custom Made!

Q: "Does Window Screen Pros actually do the manufacturing of all replacement window screens?"

A: "Yes. We fabricate our own window screens and a few standard doors from scratch at our own facility located just north of Montgomery, AL. There are a lot of window manufacturers in the United States - none of which provide replacement screens that are easy to purchase. Since the majority of manufacturers provide so many different window sizes, there is no such thing as an "in stock" window screen. As crazy as that sounds, you will not find screens for sale at any of the big box retailers due to this fact. Most of the screened doors we offer are made in Missouri and Tennessee."

Q: "Can Window Screen Pros make any custom size window screens? Are there any restrictions?"

A: "Yes. We are known for taking on some of the more challenging replacement window screen projects from both residential and commercial clients. There are not many restrictions but we will contact you within 24 hours of placing your order if we see any issues that might impact the quality, overall look, and/or fit expectations of your screens. We have made screens as large as 120" tall and 80" wide! Please note - round or pentagon screens are not offered at this time"

Q: "How does Window Screen Pros safely ship such a fragile product such as a custom window screen or screened door?"

A: "We have developed packaging that allows 95.0% of our orders to arrive undamaged. We encase your replacement window screens in a 1" x 2" rough-cut wooden frame with a corrugated cardboard front and back that is commercially stapled to the wooden frame. UPDATED PACKAGING NOTICE: As of January 1, 2020, our packaging has been revised due to the excessive market increase of raw wood material used to construct the original packaging boxes. We now ship screens and indoors inside a heavy-duty industrial double-walled corrugated box. Each screen is wrapped with bubble wrap and stretch wrap to keep each unit undamaged during transit. 

We use FedEx as our inhouse parcel carrier (or we will be glad to use your carrier!). For large commercial orders, we are also set up with multiple LTL carriers for all pallet shipments. One of our founders knows the shipping industry extremely well having worked with several trucking companies. We welcome the use of our customers shipping accounts if you find our shipping rates too high or if you would prefer UPS handle your shipment."


Q: "How quick is the turnaround time once I order my window screens online from Window Screen Pros?"

A: "Depending on the size of your order, most orders ship within 8-12 business days. However, on orders with more than 5 screens, it might take up to 12-18 business days. Larger, commercial orders vary - call for specific ship times based on order quantity and screen sizes. Just so you know, our busiest season is March - June every year. Production delays may occur during our busiest season once everyone wants to open their windows! :) "

Q: "Do you have a minimum number of screens per order?"

A: "No - Window Screen Pros manufacturing facility is set up to efficiently manufacturer one to 1,000 window screens. Small or large, each order is handled the same way!"

Q: "What forms of payment do you accept?"

A: "You may pay for your replacement window screens using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. You may also pay with Paypal if you have already have an existing account with them. We will gladly take personal or commercial checks but your order will not ship until the check clears."

Q: "How will my new window screens be shipped?"

A: "We ship directly from our Montgomery, AL facility via FedEx Standard Ground Service or Home Delivery Service. Shipping is not a profit center for us at all. If you have your own UPS or FedEx account, we will be glad to use it! Just call or email through our Contact Us page and give us your account number."

Q: "I live in central Alabama, can I come to your warehouse and order my screens?"

A: "Yes. Please contact us through our online form and we will call you to set up an appointment. We offer free delivery and a nominal installation service ($15.00 to $75.00 installation depending on size, location, and complexity of installation) throughout Central Alabama. Our manufacturing facility is located in Wetumpka AL in an industrial park."

Q: "Do you take telephone orders?"

A: "YES! Just call our main office number at 334.649.6290. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will be sure to get back to you promptly. We will also be glad to guide you in your window screen project and answer any questions you have through our Contact Us online form. We promptly answer as many questions as we can daily or within 24 hours."

Q: "Do you ship outside of the United States?"

A: "Yes. We can ship to both Canada and most Caribbean islands. Please Contact Us through our online form so we can provide you an accurate shipping quote."

Q: "How quickly will my order ship?"

A: "Depends on your type of order you placed with us. For stocked items, your order will ship within 1-2 business days, for custom window screens = 8-12 business days, custom screen doors = 6-10 business days, larger commercial orders = 12-18 business days. Depending on the time of the year, WSP can expedite manufacturing on a certain number of orders per week. Please call or contact us for details. Please note that our busiest part of the year is March through August."

Q: "Does Window Screen split orders?"

A: "As a general rule, we try not to split orders for shipping. However, if you order window screens with a custom size patio screen door, we might go ahead and ship your window screens ahead of the door since it takes a few days longer for making and packaging a custom screen door."

Q: "Does Window Screen Pros provide raw materials for DIY projects"

A: "Yes, we can provide anything you need from screen mesh to frame material to hardware. In most cases, we can provide you much better pricing vs. the big box retailers and hardware stores. All screen related raw materials are in stock and ships within 1-2 business days. If you order early in the day, most likely it will ship the same day!"

Q: "Does Window Screen Pros manufacture and install screened in porches"

A: "Unfortunately No - however, we can provide you the rolls of screen mesh vs. allowing a contractor to purchase at Home Depot or Lowe's which will be much more expensive! Give us a call and let us know the type of screen mesh you would like to use and any other materials you need, and we will ship it to your door. Most contractors like charging labor only vs. going out and buying all the materials."