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Solar Guard Screens

Solar Guard Illustration

Solar window screens are great for reducing direct sunlight from entering your home. This is a very effective way to reduce energy consumption within your home throughout the year. Our solar screens are constructed with the most popular solar screen material on the market. This Solar Guard material blocks up to 70% of direct sunlight while still allowing for proper airflow for those great spring days.

Choosing a Custom Solar Screen

The most popular solar screen is our double hung window screen. A double hung window screen spans the entire height of your window to cover both the lower and upper window panes which can both be adjusted to the open position to allow for airflow. For smaller windows our standard solar window screen is designed without a crossbar. This is because the screen is usually less than 42" in height. If your standard windows height is greater than this we recommend ordering the double hung replacement solar screen which includes the crossbar to maintain it's rectangular screen and avoid any bowing within the screen frame during the manufacturing process.