Window Screen Pros, LLC.

Pollen Guard Screens

Pollen guard window screens are one of the most unique screen mesh on the market today. Our pollen guard was engineered to protect your home and family from harmful allergens that blocks up to 50% more particles than standard screen. This polyester charcoal or grey colored screen creates a barrier for pollen dust and other allergen particles while still allowing clean air to flow through. For the ultimate solution for allergy sufferers that want the outdoor breeze in their home, our pollen blocking screens is the answer!

Our pollen guard window screen is built to your exact specification within 1/16 of an inch to fit your specific window. All window screens are considered custom because most window manufacturers (Andersen, Pella, Champion, etc.) make unique sizes at the request of custom home builders or change standard sizes quite often. Simply put, it is very difficult to find a replacement window screen for the many different windows that in homes today and within the many retailers nationwide.