Custom Mosquito Window Screen

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Featuring the "No-See-Ums" Mesh.

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Mosquito - No-See-Ums
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This custom mosquito window screen is built using the highest quality micro-weave insect screen mesh material made to keep mosquitoes out of your home while maximizing ventilation from the outdoor breeze. Proudly manufactured in the USA (both mesh & screen), this mosquito screen is built to your exact specification to fit your the window you want to keep the flying pest out of! All mosquito window screens are considered custom because most window manufactures make unique sizes at the request of custom home builders. Each screen is manufactured with aluminum frame in the color of your choice.

Micro-Weave Insect Screen Mesh is popular anywhere that you find small insects, commonly referred to as "No-See-Ums". Although the weave is denser than most screen mesh, it still allows for adequate ventilation and light penetration. This mesh is made from a heavy .013" (.33 mm) diameter vinyl coated fiberglass thread.

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I ordered screens for my kitchen windows and they are a perfect fit! Only took 4 days for shipping. Awesome!
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