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Bronze Aluminum Window Screen - Charcoal Wire

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Charcoal Wire
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Our custom aluminum window screens are built using the highest quality materials in the industry and manufactured in the USA. Aluminum screens are great for low traffic areas and in optimal conditions these custom aluminum screens can last up to 30 years. Most customers look at aluminum window screens since they are the more traditional choice when replacing window screens. However, the most popular is our custom fiberglass window screens due to the price (up to 20% cheaper) and durability. Although aluminum is hard to tear, it will crease and bend. Also, aluminum adds a lot of weight to the frame.

Brite or Charcoal Color Aluminum Wire?

The color of aluminum wire has a visual difference from the outside of your home. Our brite aluminum is obviously lighter in color due to the natural grey color of its natural state. Even though brite aluminum isn't painted, it is still coated in a protective coating that not only protects the aluminum material, but also strengthening the wire weave. This color of finish can at times produce a glare based on the angle and lighting conditions on the window screen. Our charcoal aluminum wire is the absolute best for visibility. We highly recommend this color for windows that you commonly open the drapes or curtains during the majestic spring and summer days.

Specifications of our custom aluminum window screens:

  • FRAME: Aluminum - Available in white (most popular), tan, bronze, and mill (unpainted aluminum/silver color)
  • FRAME THICKNESS: Available in 5/16" (most popular), 3/8" or 7/16". Note: this frame thickness is important if you have channels or slots around your window frame where the screen sits in. Most channels are made for 5/16" but a lot of older windows and many commercial windows require 7/16" or 3/8"
  • MESH: Aluminum - Available in brite (most popular) or grey (made to closely match the older aluminum screens)
  • HARDWARE: Tension Springs with Pull Tabs (most popular), plungers (2 or 4), loop latches, casement clips, or built without hardware.
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Charcoal Wire