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How to Clean Window Screens

Devin Smith
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Window Screen Pros offers a simple way to clean window screens easily. Throughout most of the United States, it is important that your window screens are ready to be used at their optimal level - especially in the spring and summer! A clean window screen allow your family to take in the spring and summer breeze without having to worry about bugs, dust, cobwebs and other unwanted filth that accumulated on your window screen during the fall and winter months. We have found through our experience that most of our customers forget to clean their window screens. We field a lot of calls asking what are the best ways to clean window screens. We have an easy way to clean your window screens - small or large - in a few simple and straight-forward steps.


  1. Remove your screen from the window. If you're cleaning multiple screens, it is best to label (masking tape or blue painters tape will work fine) each screen as you take them off the windows to make the installation process, once cleaned, much easier.
  2. Mix one cup of any household ammonia and a tablespoon of dish washing detergent with four cups of water. Pour/mix the ammonia, detergent, and water in a large spray bottle. If you do not have a spray bottle, use a bucket.
  3. Move the screen into a bathtub or if you have a 4 foot plus wide trough or bucket, that will work if you want to keep it outdoors. Run your dirty window screens under luke-warm water tp remove loose dirt and dust.
  4. Get your spray bottle or bucket and either spray down or wipe the screens down with the solution, making sure you thoroughly cover the entire screen with the solution. Use a SOFT bristle scrub brush to gently remove any grime or dirt. Do NOT use a metal brush or stiff bristle brush - you can easily damage your screen by using a stiff plastic, bristle, or metal brush.
  5. Last, run your screens under warm to hot water to remove any excess residue. Finally, gently shake your window screen free of water and allow it to air-dry in a minimal humid area of your home.

Within a few hours of drying, your window screens will look like new and will be ready for that spring & summer breeze. Thank you for visiting Window Screen Pros!


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