Benefits of Solar Window Screens

Posted by   Devin Smith
solar window screen

Solar Window Screens are helpful when trying to reduce the sunlight entering a home or business. By providing as much as a 70% barrier from the sun's ultra-violet rays to the glass on the windows, which helps keep the window cool; in return it helps lower the cost to cool a home or business. During the winter months, Solar Window Screens help keep heat inside, keeping the home or business warmer during the colder months. The darker shade to the window screen also provides more daytime privacy.

UV rays can also damage furniture, floors, blinds, drapes, and other belongings through windows. The Solar Window Screens help keep the UV rays out which prevents from sun damage and fading to those objects. If you have troubles with glares while trying to watch T.V., the solar window screens will help reduces the glare on televisions, mirrors, etc.

Solar Window Screens also help keep insects and dust out so you can enjoy the nice natural outside air flow. They will pay for themselves after a few years due to the savings in heating and cooling to your home or business.

If you are looking for a way to save a little money and create some privacy at the same time, solar window screens might be your answer. Feel free to order a sample from us to check out the color tint of the solar screening we carry. Please note that there are many different manufacturers of solar screens so it is always a good idea to get a sample to see if the color fits your style and expectations.


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